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Residential Remodel- Home TheaterHome Remodel - residential home theator. New Jersey


Commercial Sculpture

Commercial Art Deco Relief Sculpture


Home Remodeling / Faux Wall Finishes/Custom Painting

Where Interiors become custom works of Art  

Imagine the possibilities in your own home...from nice to extraordinary


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 Baseball Theme Room*

Custom Bar                                                            

Themed Children's Rooms                              Winnie the Pooh Children's mural. Childrens murals, Children's room, Childrens room,  Children's rooms, Childrens rooms, custom childrens room, custom children's room


Offering incredible wall murals for your children's room, home or business. Realistic stone, marble and wood Faux work.  Custom painting. Imaginative sculptures.

About Bruce: An Artist Like No Other

Specializing in residential  themed rooms, sculptures and murals, artist Bruce Middleton brings a wealth of artistic knowledge and experience to every job.  Bruce possesses a very unique and masterful sense of color and pays great attention to detail as is evident in every piece or room that he does.  Having been painting since a small boy, Bruce is a perfectionist in all he does.  Whether it be a mural, faux finish, portrait, Trompe l'Oeil, commercial sculpture, or 3-story fireplace design, Bruce uses his extreme sense of imagination and extensive art history knowledge to make each piece a truly unique work of art.  His illustration background makes each piece look good not only from a distance but even more amazing up close. Bruce is well versed in such a wide variety of styles and mediums that there is nothing he can't do.  Bruce is the artist of choice and  has performed his magic in commercial buildings and in many private estate homes.


Why Choose Bruce Middleton & Co.


  • Projects can be completed in-house from design to finish

  • Wood stain color match and finish expert on staff

  • On staff designer and color consultant

  • Keen attention to detail

  • Extraordinary care to properly clean and prepare area to avoid any damage

  • Below industry prices



Extensive experience includes 


  • Interior Remodeling

  • Themed Environments (sports, motorcycle, children's, etc)

  • Faux Finishes

  • Venetian Plaster

  • Fine Art

  • Sculptures

  • Wall Murals

  • Professional Portraits

  • Wood Stain Color Matching and Graining

  • Trompe l'Oeil



*NOTE: Baseball team logos are owned and copyrighted or trademarked by the respective team or larger sports organization.  Any custom painting by Bruce Middleton and Company based off of any sports team is strictly for private residential, non-commercial use only.


*NOTE: Disney characters are owned and copyrighted or trademarked by Walt Disney Company. Any custom painting based on these characters is strictly for private residential, non-commercial use only.




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He is one of the best New Jersey artists for custom interior painting, children's rooms sculptures and custom murals. 

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